Hemi Engine Swaps


Exodus 4x4 is now the premier Texas Hemi Jeep Conversion Kit installer.  Featuring genuine MOPAR performance parts, our HEMI conversions are 100% turn-key. Every swap looks like it came from the factory and the performance delivered will exceed all your expectations. If you thought your Jeep was fun before, just wait until you lean your foot into the accelerator of a Hemi and feel that raw American horsepower come to life. Your life will never be the same.

*Through our trusted bank, we offer 1-6 year financing starting a 3.25%

Watch my video for all HeMi swap details 

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 Sound Check...

Turn up the sound!

Feel the mighty rumble of true American horsepower!

Why Choose a Hemi?

For reasons other than extreme American horse power, dah...

 OEM Quality

It looks and performs like a factory installation.

 Quick Turn Around

For the 5.7L or 6.4L Hemi conversions it only takes us 1 week to install and a few days of tuning.

 Everything Works

The Hemi engine integrates seamlessly. Other swaps have kinks. (Overheating, codes, lights) When you pay this much you want it perfect and so do we! The Hemi is the answer!

Hemi Engine options

5.7L Hemi V8 Engine Conversion 

starting at $29,995

383 hp, 417ft. lbs. of torque, 345 Cubic Inches - Compression 10.2:1


6.4L Hemi V8 Engine Conversion

starting at $35,995

485 hp, 475 ft lbs. of torque, 392 Cubic Inches w/Iron Block


Hellcat Supercharged 6.2L Hemi V8 Conversion

starting at $58,995

707 hp, 650 ft lbs. of torque, 376 Cubic Inches w/Iron Block


Demon Supercharged 6.2L Hemi V8 Conversion

starting at $68,995

840 hp, 770 ft lbs. of torque, 376 Cubic Inches w/Iron block


 ALL HEMI Conversions Include...

  • The Mopar® HEMI® Crate Engine
  • Deep Rear Sump Steel Oil Pan Kit w/ Retainer Plate
  • Engine High Flow Exhaust 3.0” Manifold Kit w/ Heat Shields
  • Mandrel Bent 409 Stainless Steel 3.5” Complete Exhaust System w/Federally Compliant Catalytic Converters & Muffler
  • Alternator Mopar® 240 Amp High Output - Power Steering High Flow Pump w/Reservoir & Cap
  • Power Steering Cooler
  • Fluid Supply Line Kit
  • Air Conditioning Compressor w/Mandrel Bent Line Kit (Tier One Supplier Built)
  • Engine Oil Filter Relocation w/Oil Cooler & Fluid Supply Line Kit
  • High Torque Engine Starter
  • Transmission Eight Speed Heavy Duty Automatic w/Fluid Supply Line Kit, 6061 Billet Heater Delete & 185°C Thermostat
  • Transfer Case 6061 Billet Hard Coat Anodized Heavy Duty Input Support Housing
  • Radiator 36mm Thick Aluminum Core w/B Tube Design & High Clearance Free Flowing & Brushless 850 Watt Upgraded Fan Motor
  • Engine Cradle Kit w/Clevite® Elastomers Motor Mounts (Noise, Vibration & Harshness Control)
  • Cold Air Intake Kit w/ Proprietary 8” Air Filter & Water Resistant Sand Sock
  • Windshield Washer Jug w/Washer Pump Harness & Washer Fluid Level Sensor
  • Powertrain Harness Fixture Built & Tested
  • Engine Control Module (Unlocked GPEC2A) w/Proprietary Engine Calibration
  • Transmission Manual Shift - TrueShift - Proprietary Calibration w/ Unlocked (Shift Point Tunable) Transmission Control Module
  • Security Gateway Bypass Module w/Integrated Body Control Calibration Tool
  • Calibration, Tuning & Diagnostic OBD2 Tool w/Global WiFi Accessibility
  • Complete Vehicle Serviceability w/Trusted Professional (up to date service equipment and repair data) Auto Repair Shop or Jeep Dealership
  • 3 Year Engine Conversion Warranty w/One Year Labor by Exodus 4x4