WE BUILD BADASS JEEPS, let this gallery be your guide

Gladiator Overland Build

Jeep Diesel Gladiator Build

EVO 4.5" HD Lift, King 2.5 Shocks, 37" Tires & More

Gladiator Overland Build

Demon Jeep Gladiator Build

Airlift, Demon Hemi Engine, Custom Fenders

Gladiator Overland Build

Big Red Jeep Gladiator Build

Hemi, 6.5" Lift, UD-60s, steps & much more...


Who is the Builder?

We are a custom Jeep shop in central Texas. We cater to the hard-core rock crawler and overland Jeeps. Our customers understand quality and choose us because they trust our expertise. We install everything from lifts to Hemi conversions and our customers lead the build designs. Contact us here for a free quote.

Build FAQs:

What Jeep models do we build?  We started customizing the Jeep Wrangler JK and now we are doing more Jeep Wrangler JL and the Jeep Gladiators. We know the JK Wranglers and up so give us a call if you have one and need a custom Jeep build. As for the 2007 and older Jeeps we ask that you call your local shop. 

What price range to you build?  We do get a lot of high end jeep builds in the shop and that is a lot of what you will see here, mainly because those are the flashy ones we highlight on youtube. But we do all price ranges. We have less expensive builds that leave here all the time. We do have a vetted list of inexpensive lifts, tire, wheels to get you on the road and looking good, but good quality is hard to come by when going cheap.  

Do customers travel to you?  Yes, all the time. We are located in New Braunfels TX in between Austin and San Antonio on IH-35. We are a $30 Uber ride to the airport. If you stay in town for your build we can drop you off at your hotel or the car rental. Luckily, New Braunfels is a Texas vacation spot, so you will find plenty to do here. We also have customers that ship their Jeep to us. We suggest  We have used them many times before and the process is smooth.

What products do you use?  We try not to be stuck-up about brands. We value reliability and made in the USA. We don't want stories from the trail of how you broke something and were stranded so quality is key. Thankfully there are plenty of brands that fit our high standards.