Overland+ Front Control Arm Kit fits 2018+ JL, Clayton Off Road

Your Price: $515.00
Part Number: COR-1709110

Over new Overland Plus control arms offer Giiro joints at both ends of your lower control arms, and frame side of the uppers. The Giiro Joint is a dual durometer, self centering joint, that is maintenance free. The outside part of the bushing is softer, to isolate road noise and vibrations and allow the bushing to articulate.

It has 13.3 degree of movement in each direction, or 26.6 degrees combined per bushing. Since we use these bushing at both ends, you have over 50 degrees of unrestricted movement. The inside area of the bushing is harder and teflon infused to act as a bearing surface for the center pin which is free to twist as the suspension moves up and down. Combined with our 1/4 wall lower control arm tubing, premium tube inserts, 5/16s thick welded lower control arm housing and a forged adjusters, you have the Ultimate control arms available.

With our Lifetime warranty, these are the best and last set of control arms you will need. All Clayton Off Road Inc. control arms carry a lifetime, no questions asked warranty against bending or breaking.


  • COR-1709100 - JL FRONT LOWERS
    • Center to Center STOCK = 24.000"
    • Center to Center MIN = 23.9375"
    • Center to Center MAX = 24.880"
  • COR-1709101 - JL FRONT UPPERS
    • Center to Center STOCK = 21.100"
    • Center to Center MIN = 19.130"
    • Center to Center MAX = 22.283"
  • 4 Adjustable Control Arms
  • Maintenance Free Giiro Joints
  • Dual Durometer, Self-Centering
  • Bolt In Design
  • Giiro Joints To Isolate Road Noise and Vibration
  • Precision Bent Front Lower For Tire Clearance
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Fits: 2018 and Up Jeep Wrangler JL

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