EVO Manufacturing EVO-1087
EVO Manufacturing EVO-1087

No Limits Manual Rubicon Swaybar Disconnect fits 2007-18 JK Rubicon, EVO MFG

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Part Number: EVO-1087

The Factory Rubicon Swaybar Disconnect is a great feature but is prone to breaking, shorting out and all around being annoying. The EVO NoLimits Manual Disconnect now allows you to defeat the overly troublesome computer system that operates this very cool feature that Rubicon Model JK’s come with. The manually operated EVO NoLimits Swaybar Disconnect now allows you, with a few turns of the dial, to disconnect your Rubicon Swaybar at anytime, in any gear, and with any amount of articulation.

No need to bounce the vehicle, no pins to pull or fighting to reinstall, no swaybar links to remove, no punctured tires from removed swaybar links, just unrestricted articulation. Back to the highway. Simply turn the dial a few turns in the opposite direction on level or uneven ground and your swaybar will fully reconnect by itself for highway use. It is recommended to use an AEV ProCal Module or similar computer programmer to turn off the swaybar light function on your dashboard. When disconnected, never exceed 20mph. Disconnect for off road use only.


  • Sold As: Each
  • Installation Time: 0.5-1.0 Hours
  • Transmission: Manual

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