Bulletproof Builds Require A Solid Team

A dedicated team of Jeep experts creates the backbone of Exodus 4x4. No shade-tree mechanics, the members of our team are passionate about Jeeps and have the knowledge and experience to help create one-of-a-kind rigs purpose built with your goals in mind. 


Owner and operator, Bubba is a combat veteran of the United States Marine Corps and takes great pride in everything he does. Integrity is everything; therefore, his goal is to ensure every customer gets what they want and need without selling them on sub-standard products that won't stand up to the challenges they seek. 



There is no challenge this guy can't take.  Blake has been a mechanic for 5 years, his specialty has always been Jeeps.  His daily driver is a TJ that he built up himself.  It says a lot, about a guy that can leave the Jeep world and go home for more. He is thorough and often requested by customers that have followed him now to our shop.



Our go to man.  Beau has been a mechanic for 15 years, 9 of that has been spent specifically on Jeeps.  Because of this vast experience he has installed it all and can pretty much do anything you throw at him with the kind of detailed eye you normally don't get at other shops.  Quality is his goal and what you can come to expect.


When the situation calls for custom fabrication, Sam is the man we call on. With over 25 years of experience in all methods of welding, Sam can run a bead however the situation calls for it. If your project depends on welding of any kind you can rest easy knowing you have one of the best welders in the world. 


Everyone needs a behind the scenes man or woman in this case.  Bethany does all the accounting and our web-store.  She also picks up the loose ends when things get busy for me so we don't get off track with our valued customers.  She is invaluable to running a business smoothly and is also my wife.


Every Team Needs A Mission:

In a world so connected, it’s common to experience information overload. Thousands of websites and forums exist today, allowing us to get together and share information from our own experiences in the Jeeping lifestyle. These sites provide valuable Information that can often be used to achieve the same success as others, or to avoid failures that sometimes come at great costs. Unfortunately, that information often comes from sources that lack real knowledge, and is simply passed on over and over again until the truth is lost in some convoluted mess of misinformation.

The goal of Exodus 4x4 is to provide honest and quality work from people that have firsthand knowledge, because they have firsthand experience with the products they use and endorse. These people that know what they are talking about because they have either installed and used the equipment on their own rig or someone else's. We only use the highest quality parts available and refuse to sell sub-standard equipment. You have worked hard to earn your money and we will do the best we can to make it go as far as possible. In the end, we want to purpose-build you a capable Jeep that you can use safely, and confidently, for your own exodus.